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A man runs along a neighborhood greenway in Reed’s Crossing, located in Hillsboro, Oregon.

08 March . 2024

Hustle for the muscle: Best workouts in Hillsboro

Living in South Hillsboro offers more than just charming neighborhoods and convenient amenities. It's also a haven for fitness enthusiasts of all levels, thanks to diverse options for getting your workout in. Whether you’re an avid cyclist, a couch-to-5k runner, or are just looking to add a little movement into your day, there are countless ways to work out in the community. 

Being physically active is proven to have a multitude of benefits, including reduced risk of disease, heightened energy levels, and improved brain health. It even increases your chances of living longer (talk about having a superpower). And with beautiful spring weather right around the corner, what better way to exercise than to get out and about? Read on for some of our favorite ways to stay active in Hillsboro!

A man tosses a red frisbee in Hillsboro’s Tamarack Park.

Get moving at Active Wellness Center

Did you know there’s a brand-new gym in South Hillsboro? Known as “Hillsboro’s ultimate fitness and wellness retreat,” Active Wellness Center opened in 2022 to rave reviews. Hit the cardio and strength training floor for a personalized session, join a heart-pumping ZONE group training class, go spinning with the Rep N’ Ride cycle group, or get loose with Pilates or barre. Then, when you’re ready to wind down after a big workout, sweat it out in the Himalayan salt saunas or take a dip in the indoor/outdoor pools and therapy whirlpool. This inclusive wellness center provides everything you’ll need to reach your fitness goals and have fun while doing it.

Explore parks & multimodal paths

When it’s time to work out, the last thing you want to do is hop in the car. So lace up those shoes! The Reed’s Crossing community features miles of well-maintained sidewalks and paved walking/biking paths, winding through multiple parks and green spaces, so you can get active just by stepping out your front door. Great for everything from a leisurely stroll to hardcore speed walking, you can create your own route and visit your favorite parks along the way. Bringing your furry friends with? Stop by the dog park and let them get out their zoomies while you cool down. 

An exercise bike, treadmill, weights, and other equipment fill a home gym at Reed’s Crossing.

Work out at home with flex space

Flex space is exactly what it sounds like—a flexible area in your home that you can customize and use for different functions (think gym, library, office, etc.). Creating a space dedicated to your wellness can make a real impact, supporting the formation of healthy habits. You can use your home gym any time you want, making it super convenient to stay motivated, so this option is perfect for those who don’t have a lot of time to exercise. Not sure how to get started? Add a mat and some blocks to form a yoga studio, an exercise bike or treadmill for cardio, and dumbbells or kettlebells for strength workouts. The best part about a flex room is you can always change it up as your habits shift!

Join a local club (or start your own!)

Do you like to socialize while you exercise? Check out the Reed’s Crossing Cycling Club, a group of locals who bike across a number of routes in and around Hillsboro, from the Banks-Vernonia trail to Helvetia’s beautiful scenic roads. Or consider starting your own club! The residents of Reed’s Crossing have cultivated many different community groups, from book clubs to weightlifting and more. Just gather your friends and neighbors and choose an activity, whether that’s running, hiking, or something else entirely. We’ve heard that hacky sack was invented here… so maybe it’s time for a hacky sack club!

A young couple skateboards through the Reed’s Crossing neighborhood in Hillsboro, Oregon.

Shred at the skate pod

Calling all board enthusiasts! Hillsboro’s Tamarack Park is home to an awesome little skate pod designed by Evergreen Skate Parks, whose mission is to build fun, innovative skate parks that people of all abilities and experience can enjoy. The park caters to all levels, whether you’re an experienced ripper, working on fundamentals, or looking to take up a new hobby. Grab your board, grab your friends, and roll into some fun! Just remember to wear safety gear and be mindful of other skaters.

Get in touch with your inner yogi

From your living room to your local park, anywhere can be a yoga studio. Yoga is a great way to support your mental and emotional wellness as well as your physical fitness. And it’s super flexible (no pun intended)—so regardless of your experience, you can match each session to your goals and discover what works best for you. Just grab a yoga mat, find a quiet space, and dive into your practice. Whether you’re looking to exercise mindfulness, improve flexibility, or achieve a state of zen, yoga is a fantastic addition to any exercise plan.

Bonus tip for residents: Don't forget to check out events hosted by the Reed's Crossing Social Committee! They’ve organized 5k walks, bowling nights, and more, providing a fun and social way to stay active in the community.

Want to learn more about what it’s like to live at Reed’s Crossing? Read reviews from residents, stop by for a visit, or sneak a peek at what’s in store for the future.