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See How Nature Connects Our Community

With over 80 acres of open spaces including parks connected by modal paths in Reed's Crossing, you can take leisurely adventures, let your kids play, or just get out and enjoy the day. Reed's Crossing in Hillsboro is designed to bring nature and community together right outside your door.

Check out our parks and resident shared spaces on our map. 

The Greenway

Running right through the middle of the community, helping to knit it together, the Greenway is a center of fun, discovery, and community building. With a series of multimodal paths that goes from east to west, it allows residents to connect to the community while providing plenty of places to play along the way.

Reed's Crossing Parks


Tamarack Park

Tamarack Park is a community space where all ages can either relax or play. Here you can enjoy a round of bocce ball or a relaxing turn on the bench swings while the kids carve it up in the skateboarding pod or the play structure. The park also features a wood burning fire pit with Adirondack chairs and a 22’ X 30’ pavilion, perfect for family packed-in picnics.


Dobbin Park

Named in honor of the farmer who worked this land for many years, this agriculturally themed playground features a 200-year-old tree as the centerpiece. While the play structure, swings and open area will give kids a chance to expend their energy, it will also bring families together to relax, play games, and have fun. The park also offers a walking loop for people of all ages.


Oak Grove Park

Just one of several parks planned, this spot is easy to locate due to the huge 200-year-old oak trees still thriving from even before Reed’s Crossing was a farm. It’s said that the farmer who lived here kept these trees so he could have a shady spot to enjoy his lunch. Now, it’s a place for neighbors to gather and children to play in the shade and protection that the oaks have provided for generations.


Reed's Crossing Park

With its eye-catching 12' high boulders designed for climbing, Reed’s Crossing Park is an expansive space located near the community garden and two off-leash dog parks. Home to a monthly farmers market, the park features a mini amphitheater for events, a contemplative garden, kids’ play areas, a fire pit, Adirondack chairs for lounging, a stunning mirrored sculpture installation, and more – yet another great excuse to get outdoors in South Hillsboro.


Nature Education Area

Located across from Tamarack Park, this quirky space is designed to teach children (and adults) more about the ecosystems and environment they live in, including educational stations with fun facts about surrounding habitats. Check out the Pollination Station to learn about how insects and birds help bring our flowering plants to life, or visit the Water Discovery Station to see how the stormwater ponds throughout Reed’s Crossing work.

Future Parks & Green Spaces

This growing community will always be about the big playground right at your doorstep. Every phase is designed to maximize the open spaces to provide ample opportunities to get out and connect with your community.