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Reed’s Crossing pioneers Mike and Abby pose in front of their new home in Hillsboro, Oregon.

02 September . 2022

Thoughts on Reed’s Crossing: Reviews from Our Residents

Meet 8 early residents of Reed’s Crossing and find out what made them choose to call this brand-new community home.

"We were the first of six families to move to this neighborhood… [now we’re] celebrating two years in this bursting community of beautiful humans. We wander around new streets with lovely new homes and wave to new faces, amazed at how people grow together in new spaces. It’s exciting to feel the energy that more people have brought. And huge respect to the visionaries of Reed’s Crossing. It’s been a blessing to be here. ❤️” - Abby, resident since 2019

“When I walk out my front door, to this incredibly beautiful PNW shire, I find myself contemplating what I did in life to be so lucky.” - Whitney, resident since 2021

“Having green spaces in a community is a novel concept, in my opinion, and that really captivated my attention. Building a neighborhood in such a way that the residents are motivated to go out and engage with each other gives you such a sense of community. I’ve been in places where years pass and we don’t know who our neighbors are, but I want to live in a neighborhood where I have good relations with my neighbors and know their names. That’s something I love about Reed’s Crossing.” - Varrun, resident since 2020

“When my wife and I walked around the neighborhood, we just got the feeling that this is the environment we want our kids to grow up in. It feels like something different, and that uniqueness is what attracted us to the area. There’s tons of people with pets, and with the parks, everybody’s out and about. One of our neighbors is actually our neighbor from our last house. I told him about the area and how much we enjoyed it, and he moved next to us!” - Dustin, resident since 2020

“I love my neighbors, I love the people around me, and I just want people to know how great it is here. I seriously talk to everyone I come in contact with about where I live, because it’s the most amazing place I’ve lived in a really long time. We also really liked the idea of a new build because it was ours from the very beginning; it was a blank slate and we got to choose the packages and whatever else we wanted. You think of Hillsboro as out in the sticks, but there’s so much close by.” - Melissa, resident since 2021

“As renters, we’d lived in places that needed a lot of work and it was a nightmare, so we knew we wanted new construction. We wanted to make sure we had the space to spread out that our dogs and our boys deserved, but we also wanted a feeling of closeness, of community. Then we found Reed’s Crossing and it just checked all of our boxes. I was so surprised when I saw the range of homes available; the floor plan options seemed endless. We knew right then that we had found our perfect fit. ” - Jessica, resident since 2021

“I have a townhouse in Reed's Crossing and I love it. We moved from Columbia City with land around us. Now, we have no worries about taking care of landscaping and can enjoy our time walking the many walking paths in the area, reading, cooking, and more.” - Donna, resident since 2020

“In the two and a half months since we moved to Reed’s Crossing, we’ve met tons of new people and our kids have made more friends than they had in the eight years we lived in our previous home. The residents of Reed’s Crossing are extremely friendly and welcoming, even before we moved in. And though our old neighborhood had all the amenities we were looking for, it just didn’t have that warm feeling of welcome.” - Matthew, resident since 2021

Are you ready for a new place to call home? Drop by any of the model homes at Reed’s Crossing, open 7 days a week, or take a virtual tour from the comfort of your own sofa right now.