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Resident Ambassador Program

The residents of Reed's Crossing love living here so much, they volunteer to share it with you. Get an insider's take and connect with the great people who already call Reed’s Crossing home. With a little info from you, we can pair you with the right ambassador and they can give you a day-in-the-life snapshot of life in our unique new home community.

How it works

Step 1

Completely fill out the form below with as much detail as you want to share.

Step 2

Within 3 business days, we'll pair you with one of our Resident Ambassadors.

Step 3

You'll receive a confirmation email sharing details about your Ambassador as well as the date and time of your connection.

Meet our Resident Ambassadors


The First-time Homebuyer


“I love my neighbors, I love the people around me, and I want people to know how great and fun this community is. We’re all brand new, and we’re all in it together! My husband and I also loved the idea of a new build, as a blank slate where we could choose everything we wanted.”

We’re all in it together

Resident Melissa in Reed's Crossing Community Hillsboro, Oregon


The Tech Worker


“I saw a rainbow, and I got into my car to chase the end… I ended up at a sign that said ‘Welcome to South Hillsboro,’ and saw all these lush green spaces and new homes being built. A year later, I’m a resident of Reed’s Crossing. I identify as LGBT and I feel welcome here.”

I feel welcome here

Resident Varrun in Reed's Crossing Community Hillsboro, Oregon


The Busy Bee


“I moved to Reed’s Crossing a little over a year ago, and am constantly amazed by how open and natural it is; there’s never a shortage of things to do. I love the paths and enjoy my walks around the community the most, especially with the spectacular views of Mount Hood!”

Never a shortage of things to do

Resident Janki in Reed's Crossing Community Hillsboro, Oregon


The Dog Dad


“What inspired me to become a resident ambassador was to help anyone interested in moving to Reed’s Crossing with any questions they might have. I’m excited to be a part of the community and to try to make that process easier for anyone else who wants to join too.”

I’m excited to be part of this community

Resident Ian in Reed's Crossing Community Hillsboro, Oregon


The Visionary


“I am really looking forward to grocery and restaurant amenities being within walking distance of our home. Having an integrated community with interconnected green spaces will make for an enjoyable alternative to driving down Highway 10.”

An integrated community with interconnected green spaces

Resident, Brian, in Reed's Crossing Community Hillsboro, Oregon

Make the Connection

To chat with a Reed’s Crossing Ambassador, fill out the form below and we’ll connect you within three business days. Our ambassadors are available by text, email, phone, or in-person chat. Please share some details about your needs and what you’re looking for so we can pair you up with the ambassador that’s right for you.

Please Note: Consumer protection laws in certain states may prohibit us from sending you a brochure or providing you any information on the Reed's Crossing community. Privacy Policy

Walking pathway in Reed's Crossing community Hillsboro, Oregon

Take the Self-Guided Tour

The Reed’s Crossing Tour makes it easy to see what our community has to offer. You can choose your own path to adventure, tour model homes, meet builders, explore the greenway, see our parks, and more. You could even meet up with your ambassador and get the inside scoop.

How to Tour

What people are saying about us

Here’s a brief sampling of the reviews from people that have visited Reed’s Crossing, are buying a home or have just made their home here.

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