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Man + Plants

24 August . 2020

5 Pacific Northwest Friendly Houseplants

Enjoying the beauty and soothing vibe of a house full of plants is easy. Keeping plants healthy in the ever-changing climate of the Pacific Northwest is another challenge. Below are five air-purifying houseplants that thrive indoors, rain or shine!

Bromeliad: Thriving on inattention, bromeliads tolerate a wide range of indoor conditions with minimal care. They bloom only once in their lifetime, but that flower lasts two to three months. After flowering, the plant stops producing leaves but will grow “pups,” baby plants that will grow and flower in two to three years. 

Spider plant: Among the best pollution fighters, these plants only need moderate light to thrive. They’re great for beginners as they thrive in almost every climate. Water only when the soil feels dry. Another bonus: The spider plant attracts few insects or other pests.

Palms: Among the world’s most popular houseplants, palms grow tall (up to the ceiling) and need space as well as indirect light, good air circulation and a regular weekly watering schedule. They easily accept indoor conditions but will fail in direct sunlight and dry air; making them perfect for the Pacific Northwest. Both the parlor palm and kentia palm thrive in low light. Give palms cool winters, moist summers and good drainage. Indirect sunlight is best, along with an occasional misting.

Snake plant: Probably the toughest of all houseplants; tolerates all conditions, including low light, but will grow faster in sufficient light. Also known as mother-in-law's tongue. Their sword-like leaves twist upward to 3 feet in most varieties. Overwatering and prolonged temperatures near freezing are its biggest enemies.

Philodendron: Tolerates lower light conditions. Growth habits can be trailing or climbing, or tree-type up to 8 feet tall. The sweetheart philodendron, also known as heartleaf philodendron, is the easiest to grow. Some can be quite colorful and dramatic with velvety leaves. Insufficient light and warm rooms are no problem; just be sure to give it thorough and regular waterings. Perfect for dark spaces like bathrooms!