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12 November . 2019

Happy Communities Increase Longevity

It’s long been known that supportive social ties are critical to both psychological and physical health. Social networks are valuable resources for individuals by boosting long term happiness which, in turn, promotes physical health. As human beings, we need a sense of belonging, and that sense of belonging is what connects us to the many relationships we develop. Communities are also rich in resources, that is where their collective aspect comes into play

As we approach the holidays in Reed’s Crossing we’d like to take a moment and say "thanks" to our new neighbors and the growing community we’re building together. While there are many reasons to be thankful, here are a few of our favorites!

  1. We’re in it Together! – Moving can be just as scary as it is exciting! At Reed’s Crossing our pioneering residents are forming priceless bonds and together are helping shape their new home into a vibrant and compassionate community.
  2. Unique Opportunities – Happy people are always up to something interesting and when you’re living among them you’re often welcome to go along for the ride or, at the very least, their happiness is infectious! Whether it’s a spontaneous group activity like walking along the Greenway while sipping your morning coffee or a trying liquid nitrogen ice cream during one of our many neighborhood events, opportunities abound within our community.
  3. Shared Lessons – Why spend the time making your own mistakes when you can reach out to the community and ask if anyone has had an experience that could be valuable to your situation? Neighbors helping neighbors!
  4. Fun! Fun! Fun! – Perhaps the best part of living in Reed’s Crossing is the myriad of activities available. Whether it’s a modern-day Science+Tech Fest, kids filling the streets with laughter on Halloween or morning goat yoga during our WellNeighbor event, there’s no shortage of unique and entertaining activities to join at Reed’s Crossing.

Are you interested in joining our friendly and caring community? Stop by our Welcome Center to speak with one of our community representatives. We can’t wait to meet you!