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07 September . 2020

Organizing Your Kitchen Part Two

In part one of our kitchen organization series we focused on the importance of having an organizational plan. In part two, we’re tackling counters and drawer space where, you guessed it, a plan is also super helpful. Before pulling everything out of the cabinets and drawers, consider how much storage space you have. What needs organizing? How many gadgets, small appliances and dishes can you purge to create more space? Write out your ideas and detailed plan on paper before implementing. Once you’ve done all of this, it’s time to get started.

Keep Dished Close to the Sink

Storing dishes in cabinets near the dishwasher makes for easy loading and unloading. Use wire racks to create multilevel, make-shift shelving for more storage space. It may actually free up your cabinet space, too! Purge dishes that are chipped and any you no longer use. Most lack of space issues come from storing dishes we no longer use.

Store Pots and Pans Creatively

Pots and pans can become the bane of our existence due to their extreme difficulty to keep organized. There are a few methods for storing them; hang them, slide them into multi-level wire racks, store them on an open shelf, or stack them. Depending on how much money you want to spend, you can even find some fancy systems at home improvement stores. Use inexpensive vertical slotted organizers (designated for office use) to store baking sheets, racks, and muffin pans.

Maintain Daily Order

Make it a point to wash your dishes every day by putting them in your dishwasher, or in a designated receptacle next to or under the sink if they cannot be dealt with right away. If you don’t already, wash your kitchen’s floor once a week. It doesn’t have to be deep cleaning – just sweep up the big crumbs with a broom and a light mopping. Designate five minutes a day to put things away. Remove anything that doesn't belong in the kitchen, on the counters or out in the open. Pack lunches, defrost meat for tomorrow’s dinner, and prep breakfast for the morning.

Declutter Counters

What’s better than walking into your kitchen and seeing a nice, clean space to start cooking? Look at what is currently taking up real estate on your counters and find creative relocation solutions.

· Knives Toss the bulky wooden knife organizer. Hang knives on a magnetic strip.
· Pots and Pans Hang pots and pans on the wall or store them on an open shelf.
· Baskets Stash those pesky vitamins bottles away in a cute wicker basket.
· Bread Box Store loaves of bread in a cute enamelware bread box

RC TIP: If you’re short on drawer space, organize utensils on your counter in a cute metal caddy.

Need more space for your culinary dreams? The builders in Reed’s Crossing offer a variety of floor plans including chef-style kitchens with quartz countertops and high end appliances. Make an appointment for personalized attention by our knowledgeable Welcome Center staff and we’ll answer any questions you may have – all in a safe environment!