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Young Couple Looking for Home

02 November . 2020

4 Expert Tips When Shopping for a New Home

A house is never just a house, is it? It’s a hub for your family – where new recipes are tried, birthdays are celebrated, children are welcomed and memories are made. It’s your long-awaited dream, so why not get exactly what you want? When researching the ins and outs of your new home, consider these four tips to guide the process.

1. Make a Priorities List
From floor plans to front yard features, options abound during home construction. When designing your new home, streamline the experience by prioritizing your “top wants.” Consider your lifestyle and choose the most important elements that would perfect your dream home. For example, a large family with active children may opt for a spacious central living area or a roomy backyard. Love to entertain? Then concentrate on a well-appointed kitchen with ample seating. Prefer to travel? Consider a smaller lot with less yard work. With your “must-haves” clearly known, you’ll have a solid basis to direct the rest of your design decisions.

2. Get Specific
While clarifying your home design priorities, always verify which features are included in your floor plan as well as those that come as an upgrade. For example, if the stove is included, what model does the home offer? Not only will this provide clarity, it will also help you to budget for those must-have, wish-list elements.

3. Lean on the Professionals
There’s no need to tackle the home-buying journey alone. Build your “personal advisory board” of experts to guide you through the process. Located in the model homes, the builders of Reed’s Crossing offer a wealth of helpful knowledge. Not only can they advise on lot options, home features and the construction process, they can recommend other experts and resources to complete your “board.” Agents also hold a trove of information about the local area, from schools to cultural activities.

4. Spend Time in the Community
Home shoppers naturally consider factors like their work commutes, proximity to family and the school system. However, you should also spend a day exploring the community and its amenities. When visiting Reed’s Crossing, take a walk through the streets, play in the parks, enjoy a stroll through the Greenway or grab a coffee at the Welcome Center.

Are you excited to find the perfect home? Stop by the Welcome Center or make a personalized appointment to speak with one of our Community Representatives - they are ready to answer any questions you may have!