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David Weekley Forestcrest

05 April . 2021

Turn Your Backyard into an Outdoor Living Room

Outdoor rooms are pared down and more casual versions of their indoor counterparts, which may explain why many of us are drawn to that cozy space outside. The great thing about an outdoor room is that it's a place of relaxation that puts you in arm's reach of nature: trees, blue skies, scented flowers, water features and outdoor accessories. If you are looking for some new ideas for revamping your outdoor spaces or are in need of a major overhaul, we have a few fantastic ideas for you.

Establish Activity Zones
Purposeful furniture arrangement is all it takes to establish a variety of uses in one outdoor living space. For example, in a smaller space, place a bench and dining table closer to a corner; in a larger one use different textures or rugs to break up dining and relaxing areas.

Add a Variety of Seating Options
From benches, chairs to floor pillows – include a variety of options that will help family and friends comfortably enjoy your space. Scaled-down kid versions allow little ones to seat themselves, while chairs are a more flexible option – pull two together for an intimate chat or add extras around the table for a big dinner. One tip: Make sure walkways remain unobstructed.

Design a Focal Point
Interesting and well-loved interiors typically build off one element – a piece of artwork, for example – which allow the eyes a place to rest; while the additional furnishings support that piece. That same principle applies to outdoor living spaces.

Incorporate Visual Interest
Unique accents, such as a metal sculpture or water features, can do wonders to make outdoor living spaces feel dynamic and interesting. Scour flea markets or architectural salvage shops for castoffs that lend visual appeal while still being affordable. In place of a built-in fountain consider a tabletop version; use a tall column as a plant stand, too.

Add Easily Swap-able Pops of Color
Yellow may be your favorite shade one year and multi-colored stripes your fave the next. But what about when a new color scheme strikes your interest? Or when your outdoor pillows or umbrellas wear out? Fortunately it's easy and relatively inexpensive to swap out accent pieces. Look for accent pillows, slipcovers, or seasonal foliage for a reinvigorated outdoor living space. Planters are also great options to add dashes of color. Go for lightweight versions or put yours on movable bases to make shifting them around easier.

Assign Function to Furniture
Because space is often at a premium in outdoor living areas, furniture and accessories have to do double-duty. Benches may have storage space underneath; tables may also be containers. Here, this pretty side table features a stunning container planted with low-maintenance succulents that add color and texture under a raised tempered-glass top resting on copper supports.