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12 October . 2020

Main Floor Living Available at Reed's Crossing

Homes with primary living on the first floor are a hot commodity, both locally and across the nation, which is why all single-family builders in Reed’s Crossing offer an owner’s suite on the first level. Main floor living (sometimes referred to as "master down house plan," "main level master" or "master on the main") boasts all the necessary amenities on one floor allowing you to live comfortably on the first level of your home while also having the ability to stretch out. There are several benefits to this type of floor plan:

1. Accessibility

Main-level bedroom suites are a convenient and smart solution for aging in place. As older buyers decide on a home for their golden years, they may prefer a floor plan that doesn’t require them to negotiate stairs should the time ever come when they are physically unable to do so. Primary bedrooms on the first floor, and other universal design elements, mold a home to serve its homeowner at all stages of his or her life. Some even have separate kitchenettes, dining areas and living rooms to give the feel of a separate apartment, lending a greater sense of independence. You may also find a variety of other amenities, including private entrances and walk-in closets. First floor bedroom suites allow the homeowners to age with their homes.

2. Greater Privacy

First floor bedrooms also allow the owner(s) of the house to be separated from those who are dwelling on the upper floors. Perhaps you’d rather have your less-than-quiet teenager practice his guitar in a far off third floor bedroom while you enjoy a peaceful day of reading in your sun-drenched first floor sanctuary or remain fast asleep in your upstairs suite as your daughter returns home from a late-night work shift.

3. Multi-generational Living

As the nuclear family gives way to a larger family unit, another trend helping with the popularity of the downstairs bedroom suite is multi-generational living– which often necessitates separate living space for grandparents. Today’s homes are more than just real estate; they are places where families live, love and experience life together.

Reed’s Crossing has carefully selected the builders who bring our community to life with all single-family homes offering main floor living. Check out their available floor plans on the Find A Home page.